The crackle of burning wood or coke, the smoke catching the wind in the air, and the aroma of roasting food, make every BBQ a mouth-watering occasion. But what beers should you reach for whilst waiting for a burger to cook? Which go best with your beef, chicken, fish, and afternoon plans?

Which beers go best with BBQ burgers?

The prime spot of any BBQ goes to the stack of burgers tottering on the edge of the grill. The beer you choose to pair with the beef should be equally impressive. Traditionally well-hopped beers are the preferred mixer for burgers, the aromas contrasting the meat and bringing out the best in both. BrewDog Dead Pony Club packs in the East Coast hops delivering plenty of lemongrass and lime.

Don’t feel bound by burger traditions though, dark beers add a different character to the chargrilled meat thanks to roasted malts. Vocation Divide & Conquer Black IPA combines both IPA and dark beer flavours on the palate.

Which beers go best with BBQ fish?

Citrus helps to bring out the best in fish, that’s why lemon is usually squeezed on top. American IPAs are full of citrus fruitiness, but rather than go for the usual suspects we suggest Blue Moon wheat beer with its wonderful orange peel and coriander flavours.



The more adventurous can consider Magic Rock Salty Kiss, A gooseberry gose with big sour overtones and a salty aftertaste, whose complex flavour profile reinforces the fish’s own maritime beginnings.

Which beers go best with spicy foods?

A great BBQ challenge often involves who can handle the spiciest sauce, or flavouring. You can add to the competition by including a rich, complex, strong Belgian ale. The most refined Belgian dubbels, come from the monastery traditions and Rochefort 6 is an authentic Trappist beer with a yeasty earthiness and and heady fruit aromas.

Alternatively try Westmalle Dubbel, which has the honour of being first dubbel beer ever brewed, back in 1856 and delivers a wonderful molasses base to build the spices on.

Which beers go best with BBQ chicken?

With its mild flavours, the best beers for chicken are clean, crisp, and fresh, so as to not overwhelm the poultry. Einstök White Ale uses some of the freshest water on earth to make a well-balanced witbier where coriander, orange, and yeast mix together.

If your chicken is smothered in BBQ sauce, the brown sugars can be brought to the front with a Vienna style lager, such as Brooklyn Lager and its rich caramel malt taste.

Great BBQ beers

Beavertown Neck Oil


Long afternoons in the garden need easy drinking, refreshing, ales. Beavertown Neck Oil is the standout session IPA and one of our top sellers, the colour of an English summer, with a tangy taste that keeps the tastebuds asking for more. Or choose Founders All Day IPA for an American session ale perfect for standing and chatting with friends, like you are King of the Hill.

Add smoke to your water with Beavertown Smog Rocket a dark porter made with Bavarian smoked Rauchmalz Malt for a distinctly BBQ-like air. Go all in with Schlenkerla Rauchbier Märzen, the classic smokebeer that will have your BBQ guests quizzing you for more.

Choosing the right ales to complement your food, and for guests to enjoy whilst you get the barbie started, adds much to the afternoon’s fun in the sun. These 12 beers are not your average choice for a BBQ, but who wants to host an average party when you could be the talk of the barbie set?

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