Update: Take a look at our latest football party beers list.

You don’t have to support Arsenal or Chelsea to have a Cup Final party. The traditional end of the football season isn’t just a ‘great day out’ for fans of the competing teams, it’s also a fab excuse for other football followers to debate who they want to lose more, drink beer, and complain about the referee.

Whether you’re having a few friend round and sitting on the sofa or pulling out the stops for a full-on footy themed party, we’ve got some great lagers, IPAs, and easy-drinking ales for you to share.

Home Team Beers

With Chelsea and Arsenal involved, the 2017 FA Cup is very much a London-centric affair, and it makes sense to start with some of the best ales London offers.

Sitting between the respective home grounds of Arsenal and Chelsea, is Camden Town brewery, makers of fine beers brewed for drinkability.

* Camden Hells Lager — A refreshing lager in the German Pilsner style.

* Camden Pils — Mixing Euro Pilsner style and USA hops for a fresh summer taste.

* Camden Pale Ale — Less brash than its American cousins, and favoured by those who say ‘football’ not ‘soccer’.

Spurs may not have made the final, but Tottenham brewer Beavertown can make it all the way to your FA Cup party with their loud beers, crafted for inquiring tastebuds.

* Beavertown Neck Oil IPA — An easy-drinking, session IPA, goes from box to belly faster than Hazard bearing down on an open goal.

* Beavertown Gamma Ray — The tropical taste of this American Pale Ale makes you long to play beach football under the shade of palm trees.

* Beavertown 8 Ball Rye American IPA — Americans may struggle to understand Association Football, but they sure know about thirst-quenching flavourful beer.

Great Beers for Watching Football

Ninety minutes of football (plus Wenger time) needs drinkable ales brewed to not overpower the palate. These ales are great tasting, without being overbearing.

* Mythos Hellenic Beer — Who hasn’t watched a Cup Final from a holiday bar at least once? Relieve the experience with Greece’s favourite lager.

* Taras Boulba — Unfiltered, unpasteurised, and all natural ingredients. More importantly it’s got a fresh, citrus taste that tickles, rather than attack, the tastebuds.

* Brewdog 5AM Saint — Brewdog are most well-known for powerful hoppy IPAs, 5AM Saint shows another string to their bow with a subtler ruby red ale.

Beers that go Great with Party Snacks

It’s a football party, you’ve got enough crisps, nachos, nuts, and nibbles to feed a barmy army. All you need now is a selection of beers that add to the flavour.

* Flying Dog Easy IPA — Swooping in, this American IPA releases the tang of your snacks.

* Einstök White Ale — Pure and crisp, this is an ale to clear the palate ready for a chips and dips overload.

* Anchor Steam Beer — Simple malt flavours leave more space than Sunderland’s defence for your beer snacks to run into.

Beers that go Great with BBQs

As the football season ends, the BBQ season (hopefully) starts. Cup Final day is the time to combine the two and these ales go great with smokey meats and outdoor eating.

* Blind Pig Whiskey, Honey, and Apple cider — A real party drink and the honorary cider in our FA Cup list.

* Nøgne Ø Pale Ale — Norway and BBQ might not seem a natural fit, but bring this Norwegian brew off the bench and it’ll score more often than Ole Gunnar Solskjær in a United shirt.

* Flying Dog Raging Bitch — A midfield terrier of an IPA that smacks your lips and quenches the fire from too many burnt burgers.

With our beer recommendations you can throw a football party that stays in the mind when the game itself has long been confined to history (unless it’s a 5-4 thriller — you’ll never forget that), and who knows, maybe 2018 will be your team’s year and you can do it all over again.