Alcohol free beers aren’t just for Dry January or other charity fund-raising attempts, they’re also a great choice for people who love the hoppy, rich beer taste but want to avoid the alcohol.

Going alcohol free doesn’t have to be an ‘all or nothing’ decision, and it doesn’t mean denying yourself the wonderful beer taste. Here is the Prestige Drinks guide to why you might choose the clear-headed option, and some great alcohol free beers to try.

Definition of alcohol free

To be classed as ‘alcohol free’ in the UK a beer must contain under 0.5% alcohol by volume (ABV). This means the ale can retain a tiny amount of residual alcohol after brewing but is considered to be too low to cause impairment to the drinker (for comparison, fresh orange juice can contain up to the same 0.5% ABV due to natural fermentation).

Other countries work under different regulations, so always keep this mind when choosing your beer.

Why choose alcohol free beer?

For some, choosing alcohol free drinks is part of a teetotal lifestyle, for others it’s an occasional choice in particular situations.

  • Driving — Being the designated driver is common reason for going alcohol free on a night out.
  • Early start the next day — Spending the evening alcohol free, or switching later in the evening gives you a clearer head in the morning.
  • Being healthier — Reducing alcohol intake can improve energy levels and give the body time to detoxify and recover.
  • Family planning — If you’re looking to start a family, or avoid starting one, going alcohol free helps.

Other benefits

Beyond the personal choice of when to go for an alcohol free ale, low alcohol beers also have other benefits for drinkers, which might just make it easier for someone to make the switch.

  • Isotonic — An isotonic drink hydrates the body quicker. Naturally isotonic alcohol free beers, deliver quick rehydration without the additives in many sports drinks.
  • Natural — Beer is made with water, malt, hops, and yeast. Soft drinks are made with sugars, artificial sweeteners, flavourings, and manufactured chemicals.
  • Lower calories — Beers with alcohol are higher in calories than their alcohol free counterparts, giving you an added health benefit for switching.

Alcohol free beers to try

Whether it’s your first alcohol free beer, or you’re a regular clear-headed drinker, these ales are some of the best available in the Prestige Drinks range.

Erdinger Alcohol Free Beer

Erdinger Alcohol Free Beer

Isotonic, just 125 calories (that’s fewer calories than a 330ml coke), and with added vitamin B12 and folic acid, Erdinger’s alcohol free wheat beer is a great example of the health benefits available when switching. The taste is crisp, with plenty of hop flavour.

Jever Fun

Refreshing pilsner taste, fresh aromatic aromas, and a golden pour, Jever Fun is made to the same exacting standard of their standard lager.

Schneider Tap 3 Wheat Beer

Schneider promise full wheat beer strength without the alcohol in Schneider Tap 3. Slightly darker colouring, and isotonic for quick refreshment.

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