When the country swelters in heat there’s is little more refreshing than a gin and tonic in the garden. Instead of a chilled G&T, why not take the things up a level and make your own gin popsicles?

Here is a our simple to make gin & tonic popsicle recipe. First though we need to a quick explainer on the physics of making things go cold (feel free to skip this and go straight to the good bit).

Cold science

There are those who will tell you alcohol doesn’t freeze. This isn’t true. Attempts to freeze spirits at home usually fall down because ethnalol (the type of alcohol in spirits and beer) starts freezing at -97.6 OC, much lower than you can reach at home.

Luckily for the home popsicle-maker, adding water to ethanol raises the the freezing point to a usable level as long as you add enough of it.

Every bottle of alcohol you buy (whether beer, cider, or spirits) has a handy guide to how dilute it is. The ABV number. Gin is around 40% ABV, which makes for a great tasting drink but a rubbish home-freezing ingredient. We need to get the gin under 10% ABV to work properly (and not melt the minute you put a popsicle in your hand).

Ready, set freeze

Time to get on with the fun bit. For our G&T popsicles you’ll need:

  • 200ml gin
  • 540ml flat tonic
  • The juice of one lime
  • Popsicle moulds and sticks

Depending on the size of your moulds this recipe should make about 10 popsicles.

The recipe calls for flat tonic. The bubbles in a fizzy mixer will give the popsicle a cracked appearance (as the bubbles escape during freezing). If that’s the look you’re going for then fizzy tonic is fine, otherwise leave it out overnight so most of the effervescence has gone.

Add the gin, flat tonic, and juice into a pitcher. Mix thoroughly then pour into your popsicle moulds. If your mould doesn’t have support for the sticks then don’t add them just yet — You’ll need to wait for the ingredients to start chilling first.

Put the moulds in the freezer for two hours. Once the mix has a slushy consistency place the sticks in the middle and place back in the freezer for a further 12 hours.

At the first sign of a sunny afternoon, take out of the freezer and enjoy. Please enjoy in moderation though, these fun popsicles are still around 10% ABV