As one of the most refreshing drinks around, cider makes an ideal constituent in summer cocktails, adding a distinctive tart flavour. We’ve chosen three cider cocktails that are easy to mix, easy to drink, and guaranteed to go well with hot sunny days.


Beloved of students everywhere, Snakebite tempers the tart apple taste with the malt grain of lager. The simplest Snakebite is a straight 50:50 mix of cider and lager. Start by pouring the lager into a glass tilted to 45o angle. Stand upright again and wait for the beer to settle, once it has pour the cider over the top.

Variations of the Snakebite include

  • Pour the cider over the back of a spoon to create a layered effect in the glass.
  • Add a shot of créme de cassis to make a Diesel cocktail.
  • Swap the lager for stout for a ‘Poor Man’s Black Velvet’.

Orchard Mimosa

The Orchard Mimosa replaces the champagne in a standard Mimosa with extra-dry, sparkling, cider, and adds in ginger liqueur for additional depth.

  • 85ml freshly-squeezed orange juice.
  • 85ml extra-dry, sparkling, cider.
  • 1 tsp Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur (optional).
  • Small orange wedge (for garnish).

Make sure both the orange juice and cider are well chilled before making an Orchard Minosa. Pour the 85ml of orange juice into a champagne flute, add the ginger liqueur and stir well. Then tilt the flute and gently pour in the cider. Stir lightly, garnish with the orange wedge and serve.

Stone Fence

A cider cocktail dating back 100s of years, the Stone Fence may be out of fashion but it’s never out of flavour. The cocktail has a special place in US history as the drink enjoyed by Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys when they planned how to capture Fort Ticonderoga from the British.

Fill a short tumbler (e.g. an Old Fashioned glass / rocks glass) with ice. Slowly pour rum over the ice and stir gently. Add the cider and give another stir then serve. For a variation try rye whiskey instead of rum, which became a common option in the US due to the wide availability of rye.

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