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Single Malt Whisky

Single malt whisky is whisky which comes from a single distillery. There are a number of regulati...

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Single Malt Whisky

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Ardbeg Uig...


Deep gold in colour with aromas typified of Ardbeg, intense peated smoke and sea salt but interupted with gentle rich fruit cake and dark chocolate. Full flavoured dominated by peated smoke but relaxing into complex spice and sweetness returning to a gentler smoke. The experience is unusually mouthwatering. The finish is as expected long with gentle burst of rich fruit and sweetness.



Proof, if any were needed, that peat can mean elegance in a single malt whisky.

Singleton ...


Part of the single malt whisky selection.

Laphroaig ...


Laphroaig Select is the latest non age statement whisky from the Islay distiller.

Glenlivet ...


A superb single malt Scotch whisky.



Sweet nose of honey and butter  which continues to the taste along with gentle wood and soft spice.

Singleton ...


Light golded with a light nose of vanilla, almonds and flowery tones. There is a taste of Sherry, spicy barley, nutty oil, citrus peel and fresh dough leading to a warm slightly bitter finish.

Aberlour 1...


Bright gold in colour with a full sweet nose of Sherry, toffee and dried fruits. For a 10 year malt it carries a fuller body of rich fruitcake, nuts, toffee and gentle spice leading to a rich finish with sweetness continuing to develop.

Ardbeg 10 ...


A burst of intense smoke with soft tones of citrus and dark chocolate on the nose followed by the dominant peatied smoke taste, with a medicinal tang and subtle hints of coffee beans and root liqourice. The finish is powerful, warm and very long.



Glenmorangie Signet is a non-age statement premium blend of the finest whisky.