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Tawny Port

Tawny port is aged slowly in wooden barrels, allowed to breathe and oxidise, time allows the port...

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Tawny Port

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Casa Santa...


The resting in barrels tones down some of the fresh fruits experienced in the Ruby. The wine develops subtle hints of dried fruits and greater length.

Taylor's T...


The range of products within the set provide a great example of the development and growth of flavours based on the length of time spent in cask.

Sandeman 3...


After spending 30 years in wooden cask the port colour has altered and the flavours have become more intense with dried apricots, hazelnuts, vanilla and spice.

Taylor's 3...


Taylor's 30 Year Tawny port is a rare variation from the Taylors estate.

Taylor's 4...


Taylors 40 Year Tawny port is amongst the rarest variation from the Taylor's estate. Only the most robust wines are suitable for cask againg for 40 years.

Taylor's 2...


Taylor's 20 Year Old Tawny is produced in tiny quantities. Only three or four times every decade are wines produced that are of quality and suitable for ageing for long periods in oak.

Warres Oti...


Warres Otima 10 is a 10 year old tawny port. This port is bright in colour, slightly translucent around the rim.

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Taylor's 1...


Produced in limited supply this port is perfect with desserts or after dinner. Ready for drinking now, decanter for fuller flavour.